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Tracx's own Eran Gilad has been featured in Edison Partners' latest 'CEO Spotlight'

Posted by Ben Foley on Mar 11, 2015 11:11:16 AM

The following blog post was originally published by Ryan Ziegler, General Partner at Edison Partners.


We were thrilled to announce the addition of Tracx to our Interactive Marketing portfolio last month, marking its 22nd investment. NYC-based Tracx is the next-generation unified social enterprise platform provider uniquely addressing the complexities of the modern social enterprise.

Today, we welcome Tracx CEO, Eran Gilad, to the CEO Spotlight to get his perspective on what's going on in the social space, what keeps him up at night, and what's next for Tracx.

Ryan: How did you end up leading Tracx and what is the biggest thing that has shaped your success?

Eran: I first met the Tracx team when a friend asked me to help validate the original business plan. I ended up joining as a board member, and then was asked to transition to the CEO. The social market was at a tipping point whereby enterprise scale architectures and real time insights were crucial to support big audiences populating outside companies firewalls. I decided to join when I witnessed the founding team in action. This team still amazes me and are considered to be the key to our success. 

Ryan: Building the right team is crucial. What are some interesting insights on the key members of your team and the expertise they bring to the company?

Eran: We were fortunate enough to have an awesome team; multicultural, diverse, fun and ambitious. Each one brings such great experiences and skillsets that every brainstorm is a remarkable session. We have people from some of the most well-established and successful enterprise technology firms in the world, and others from boutique agencies and start-ups. The key members of our team share certain traits in common: smart, humble, hungry, and the desire to be #1 in the market.

Ryan: Tell us a little bit about your background, or roots.

Eran: My career is rooted in the enterprise market. I started as an engineer spearheading software development and implementation teams in enterprises, and then, as a management consultant helping European firms go global. After 8 years as VP, Business Development at Comverse, a large telecom vendor, I decided to tap into the Israeli start-up nation scene where you can freely make no money and still be considered a local hero. Go figure.

Ryan: I heard you’ve spent time in the IDF and have lived in Sweden - how were you able to balance cultures and distinct office personalities thousands of miles away as you were building the business?

Eran: I think that between spending five years in the military and working in the Nordics, you learn to build communications skills for the greater benefit of the role you assume. The communication and the brief needs to be short and concise at IDF, perhaps too short for the business world. The form of communications can also be a barrier. So when I have something to say, I try to pick up the phone and call someone. Weve become so reliant on email, text, and other forms of digital communication. But they only serve to re-enforce the long-challenges of long-distance working relationships. Its amazing how much better you work with people, and how much better you know them, when you feel comfortable giving them a call.

Ryan: What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in digital media and enterprise software space today, from your perspective?

Eran: Everything we thought about audiences and the consumer journey is changing as the social economy shapes the way we consume content, products and services. We, at Tracx, feel that we are taking part of a great change in the way brands connect with consumers and are proud to be working with leading brands in facilitating this change.

Ryan: How would you describe your current product portfolio and your market opportunity?

Eran: Tracx, as a social enterprise technology, provides companies with global scale, secured big data architecture, advanced intelligence, and management tools to connect with customers across social media venues. Our positioning in the market is a unified one-stop shop for organizations to manage every data and insight across the organization. We want to be the system of record to any unstructured data within the organization. We build and partner, innovate and cooperate, to bring the best of breed to our clients.

Ryan: What is the next great milestone for Tracx?

Eran: Soon, we will be releasing the most intuitive and comprehensive smarter social engagement module where we combine our leadership in social intelligence with customer engagement workflows. We've worked with dozens of our partners and customers to come up with a brand new UX, and we are really excited about bringing it to the market this year!

Ryan: Now for the tough questions. What has been the most difficult decision you've made in the last two years and how did you come to that decision?

Eran: Like any fast growing start-up, we take quick decisions and make long-term adjustments on a daily basis. With rapidly shifting market conditions and a vision to implement a truly end-to-end enterprise solution, our game-plan often requires a lot of patience and pause in making some of these critical decisions. In many cases, I find that holding is the most difficult thing to do, but we always look to gain as much data and insight as possible before pulling the trigger.

Ryan: What keeps you up at night?

Eran: Tracx. We operate in a very dynamic environment. Everything our clients do today might radically change in a few months from now. Identifying the market and anticipating changes in time while being lean always keeps me thinking at night.

Ryan: Tell us a little known fact about yourself. (any hobby, personal accomplishment etc…)

Eran: When Im not at Tracx I love spending time with my wife and two kids. I'll stop here because everything else would be part of a wish list. As Im looking at colleagues, we all tend to agree that once one joins a start-up, the biggest hobby becomes work. But that's ok because we love what we do. At the same time, colleagues joining me in meetings outside the office always laugh and advise to take an extra ten minutes (and an umbrella) since they know I love stopping and taking photos, even on rainy days. NYC is such a great place to document life in motion.

Ryan: What’s the book you think every executive should read?

Eran: There are a lot of great executive books. I would actually recommend Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. At the time written, it was definitely not meant to be a business book, but its all about seeking, determination, and self development – key for any successful entrepreneur.  It has shaped my adult life and career path.

Ryan: If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

Eran: I would vote for the ability to cancel the super powers of others. I like to level the playing fields, and super powers have always made me uncomfortable.

Ryan: Good answer. Last question: What are your thoughts on mentorship? Who is/has been your biggest mentor?

Eran: I was lucky enough to have great mentors both at a young age and in the business world. Bill Nye once said that Everyone you will ever meet knows something you dont.” I think that its a healthy way to learn and share knowledge.

The biggest tip for any entrepreneur looking to raise capital came from Jeff Bussgang - He said to never wait for a round to start. Constantly be building a network that will be easy to tap into once the round starts. Most of the interest in our series C came from VCs that already knew us. We selected Edison as a springboard for our next growth momentum for many reasons – and the fact that we had an established relationship helped us jump into the process and execute quickly and with great trust.

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Tracx and Ditto Labs Partner to Deliver Photo Analytics to Brands and Agencies

Posted by Ben Foley on Feb 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Integration Brings Image and Text Analytics Together on One Platform

NEW YORK , Feb. 19, 2015 -- Tracx, the global leader in social listening and engagement platforms for Fortune 1000 companies, today announced the seamless integration of Ditto Labs proprietary photo analytics with their next-generation unified social enterprise platform. This brand new visual listening capability provides companies a more holistic approach to understanding how people engage with their brand and competitors on social media, while further solidifying Tracx's ability to serve cohesive function across the entire global enterprise.

"People are becoming more and more visually communicative, and social media is the perfect representation of this. With 1.8 billion images shared daily, photos have continued to increasingly dominate social over the past 5 years," explained Adi Kleiman, VP of Products at Tracx. "Accordingly, brands need a way to target, analyze, and act upon these images. Ditto's technology perfectly complements ours, and together we allow clients to uncover advantageous engagement opportunities and new insights," continued Kleiman. "Moving forward, establishing successful partnerships such as this relationship with Ditto Labs will enable Tracx to continue to provide the most unified social enterprise platform available as the market continues to evolve."

Historically, studies show that the human brain retains only 20% of text but 80% of visuals, and a Twitter study from 2014 found that including images in posts results in a 35% increase in retweets. The technology behind Ditto photo analytics identifies brand references regardless of whether or not the brand has been referred to in text, meaning that it is now of the utmost importance that brands consciously understand and manage how they appear in images online.

"Ditto computer vision gives marketers the opportunity to tap into contextually rich data that is often overlooked – the data lying within socially-shared photos," said David Rose , CEO of Ditto Labs. "By teaming up with Tracx, brands can now leverage both text and photo insights to better understand their customers and improve their engagement strategies."

To learn more about this new offering visit

About Tracx

Tracx is the next generation social enterprise platform that empowers brands to manage, monetize, and optimize their business. The technology refines and analyzes masses of data across all social channels, providing deep insights into customer, competitor, and influencer behaviors. It delivers the most relevant, high impact audiences and conversations by capturing a 360-degree view of activity around a brand, product, or ecosystem. With Tracx, companies obtain geographic, demographic, and psychographic insights to identify and target influencers, improve planning, enhance monitoring, and effectively focused engagement. Tracx is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv and London . The world's top brands rely on Tracx.

About Ditto Labs

Ditto Labs, the leading image recognition company, helps the world's most innovative brand marketers and agencies tap into the daily torrent of public social photos to uncover authentic customer insights, measure visual voice, engage with customers and target ads.

See a live feed of brands people are sharing now at and learn more at In addition to a SaaS platform for brands and agencies, a Streaming and On Demand API are available to feed into other social media listening and ad targeting platforms.

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Tracx Lands $18 Million in Series C Funding Led by Edison Partners

Posted by Ben Foley on Feb 2, 2015 10:10:00 AM

Global expansion and new product innovation on the horizon for unified social enterprise technology leader

New York, NY, February 2, 2015 – Tracx, the global leader in social enterprise platforms for Fortune 1000 companies, today announced a $18 million growthfinancing round led by Edison Partners. The funding round brings the company’s total investment since founding to $28 million and includes follow-on investment from Flybridge Capital, Mousse Partners, Klingenstein, and Fields & Co. Tracx will use the capital to accelerate its product, sales, and support staff, as well as fund the expansion of additional global offices. Ryan Ziegler, General Partner of Edison Partners has joined the Tracx board of directors.

Tracx’s SaaS-based social enterprise technology provides companies with global scale, secured big data architecture, advanced intelligence, and management tools to connect with customers across social media venues. This new funding comes at a key moment in the company’s history, as Tracx has tripled the size of its staff while achieving consistent top-line growth year over year, since establishing a US presence in 2012. Fueled by strong tailwinds and cutting-edge technology, Tracx now maintains a blue-chip client base of more than 400 brands worldwide. 

Tracx is at the center of one of the greatest challenges experienced by today’s enterprises – the need for a social technology that can be used by all departments, not only to monitor the ecosystem surrounding a brand, product, or service, but to directly influence it. “Tracx’s raison d'être has always been to help companies manage the real-time nature of social media by creating innovative solutions to the most complex problems companies face on a daily basis,” said Eran Gilad, Chief Executive Officer of Tracx. “Our significant growth over the course of 2014, both from a product and an organizational perspective, speaks to how well positioned we are for another groundbreaking year.”

As companies continue to integrate social strategy into core initiatives, the market for social intelligence and engagement tools has matured to a point where the enterprise is no longer satisfied with feature-specific point solutions that deliver limited value on a department-by-department basis. Similar to the evolution of CRM platforms, companies require holistic technologies that scale across all departments and roles, deliver sophisticated intelligence, contain robust data management workflows, provide governance, and integrate into legacy infrastructure. Tracx is the only end-to-end big social platform, delivering enterprise-grade intelligence, engagement, and monetization in one unified solution. This approach best equips leading brands to handle the diversity and complexity of their social media challenges. 

“Edison Partners is a big believer in digital innovation and disruptions that address the inherent communication issues and CRM shortfalls in the modern enterprise,” states Ryan Ziegler, General Partner at Edison Partners. “Tracx is rapidly capturing market share because today’s brands understand the value of real-time actionable data for revenue, service and product initiatives. We’re pleased to be partnering with the company for this exciting next stage in their journey.” 

About Tracx

Tracx is the next generation social enterprise platform that empowers brands to manage, monetize, and optimize their business. The technology refines and analyzes masses of data across all social channels, providing deep insights into customer, competitor, and influencer behaviors. It delivers the most relevant, high impact audiences and conversations by capturing a 360-degree view of activity around a brand, product, or ecosystem. With Tracx, companies obtain geographic, demographic, and psychographic insights to identify and target influencers, improve planning, enhance monitoring, and effectively focused engagement. Tracx is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv and London. The world's top brands rely on Tracx. 

About Edison Partners

For 28 years, Edison Partners has been helping CEOs and their executive teams navigate the entrepreneurial journey to becoming successful companies. Through the unique combination of expansion capital and the Edison Edge platform, consisting of strategic advisory, the Edison Director Network, and executive education, Edison employs a holistic approach to nurturing invention and creating value for growth stage businesses ($5 to $20 million in revenue) in financial technology, healthcare IT, enterprise IT, and interactive marketing industries. Edison investment objectives also include: buyouts, recapitalizations, spinouts and secondary stock purchases. 

The Edison portfolio has created aggregate market value exceeding $5 billion. Its long-tenured team, based in Lawrenceville, NJ, New York, NY, McLean, VA and Cleveland, OH, manages $928 million in assets throughout the eastern United States. 

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Tracx Is Excited to Present Version 5.2!

Posted by Ben Foley on Feb 2, 2015 9:01:00 AM


Tracx is excited to announce version 5.2! This version, which was released this past Sunday, is part of Tracx’s ongoing efforts to advance the product with frequent system updates. This version includes several key enhancements that will improve customer experience, focusing on improving engagement capabilities and data collection, with customer care and community management use cases in mind.

Engagement: Facebook, Replying to a Comment

Tracx has improved its Facebook engagement functionality in version 5.2, allowing users to reply directly to comments, mirroring the Facebook user-interface for a seamless experience in Tracx. While Tracx has long supported Facebook commenting and engagement on Facebook posts, this update means Tracx now supports replies on comments within post threads, and that these replies will be clearly presented as tied to the intended comment. In previous versions of Tracx, users would need to comment on the original post to respond to customer inquiries on Facebook. The replying to comments feature is part of larger efforts to make Tracx publishing more intuitive
by aligning with the user interfaces of our social network partners. 



Engagement: Instagram

Instagram engagement is now part of the Tracx engagement suite! With the release of version 5.2, Tracx users can like and comment on Instagram posts from within the Tracx platform. Users can also have their Instagram account(s) follow other accounts from within Tracx. This capability allows action to be taken on important posts that you uncover within Tracx. Where in the past a user would have to leave Tracx to respond to an Instagram customer service issue or enter a trending discussion, they can now do so within Tracx where key Instagram content is uncovered using powerful social media analytics. In addition to increasing efficiency, this means that Instagram engagement performance and trends are monitored by Tracx. 


NOTE: Due to Instagram terms and conditions, publishing new posts directly from Tracx is not supported, as Instagram does not allow third- party desktop publishing. New Instagram posts must be pushed directly from the Instagram mobile application. The Instagram API Terms and Conditions state, “You shall not use the Instagram APIs for any application that replicates or attempts to replace the essential user experience of or the Instagram apps.” The key component of this essential user experience is the publishing of photos.

Engagement: Follow-Up Alert

Tracx users can now receive email alerts tied to specific active conversation threads on Facebook and Twitter. Customer care agents, community managers, and all others using Tracx’s unified engagement solution will quickly know that a conversation has progressed, even when they are not accessing Tracx directly. This will increase the efficiency of responses for in-progress conversations. 




Collection Improvements:

  • YouTube Dislikes
    • The number of YouTube dislikes is now available on post details and in exports of post details. When you view any verbatim view of YouTube posts, you will see the number of YouTube dislikes displayed along with the likes, comments, and views. The dislikes number is also included in the total number of interactions on the post. 


      • NOTE: YouTube dislikes are not a part of the interactions used to render charts, graphs, and tables in Tracx dashboards. Due to YouTube API limitations, Tracx is able to provide a count of the dislikes, but not to store them as individual interactions to create data visualizations. Furthermore, users cannot drill down into likes/unlikes to identify authors. 

  • Unpublished Facebook Posts
    • Tracx now collects unpublished posts, also known as dark posts, from Facebook pages connected as owned media. According to Facebook, “Unpublished Page Posts allow Page owners to share their messages with audiences without reaching their page audience organically through News Feed distribution or Timeline. These page posts are only distributed to users through promoted channels.”

    • Within Tracx, unpublished posts and their interactions are collected in the same manner as published posts, and appear in the same data pool. This is Tracx’s first step in collecting paid ads and offering the ability to monitor engagement in a global context, for both organic and paid posts. 



To learn more about Tracx, the leading next-generation unified social enterprise platform, email or fill out the form below. 



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Out of The Dark Ages: The Rise of Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Part 3 – The Enlightenment

Posted by Ben Foley on Nov 13, 2014 12:57:16 PM


The Enlightenment

“The shift from scoring overall posts to scoring individual entities allows users to analyze the sentiment of multiple terms and phrases more reliably and accurately.”

The desire to measure social sentiment at a more granular level has risen rapidly within the social media industry. How do you gauge the sentiment of a long-form post, or even a Tweet conveying mixed signals? How can you group terms and phrases together to gain a greater understanding of sentiment within unique and flexibly defined categories relevant to your industry and company?

A better, more accurate scoring mechanism is needed. That mechanism is Sentity.

The Introduction of Sentity

The process of scoring, recording, and reporting sentiment on social media has been changed dramatically with the introduction of Tracx’s Sentity engine. Sentiment classification is no longer based on language cues across the entire post, as users can now define specific keywords and phrases for sentiment tracking called “entities.” With Sentity, greater accuracy and deeper analysis are gained by looking at smaller pieces of language surrounding each mention of these user-defined entities. In addition, entities can be grouped into larger categories for greater insights into key focus areas for brands.

Entities are terms representing a single person, place, or thing, about which data can be stored. Entities maintain distinct and separate existence and objective, can be classified, and have stated relationships to other entities. This shift in focus from entire pieces of content to individual entities within each post allows users to analyze the sentiment of multiple terms and phrases within a single piece of content to uncover truly actionable, focused insights.

Sentiment classification is no longer limited to just looking for cues across entire social posts, but instead efficient algorithms start the process by looking at smaller pieces of language surrounding the content, called “entities.”


For instance, in the example above, a traditional sentiment engine would see the words “wonderful” and “thanks,” and score the post as positive. In reality, the Tweet is expressing sarcasm, and actually should be scored as negative sentiment.

But More Importantly…

More importantly, by layering in the use of definable entities, and by tagging the “delayed flight” portion of the post as having a negative sentiment within a “flight status” entity, an organization can then start to gain deeper insight into more granular categories. The Sentity engine provides easy measurement into key areas of a brand, not just an overall score. The above-cited example could have contained more complex messaging, and actually could have been tagged across multiple entities based on user-defined criteria, yielding highly accurate sentiment scores directly aligned with an organization’s KPIs.

By compiling a complex sentiment score through identifying specific entities within the entire post, generalized and inaccurate classifications of expressive tone across a whole post become a thing of the past… Good riddance to vague and inaccurate methods!

Contact us below to receive a free demo of Tracx.

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