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Tracx is a 360-degree social media management software (SMMS) platform delivering unified social intelligence that allows enterprises to manage, share and extract actionable insights, threats and opportunities from the social web.

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Who Approved That Tweet??? Pt. 2 - The Battle Continues


US Airways Suffers Social Media Blunder

While social media is continuously proving itself as a viable forum for brands to foster personal relationships with their consumers, it is also proving to be grounds where mistakes can be magnified to have huge repercussions for enterprises. One ill-advised post or tweet can change the way an entire corporation is viewed in the eyes of millions of social media users around the globe.

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post entitled “Who Approved That Tweet???” that highlighted how social media blunders committed by enterprises can easily be avoided via proper utilization of Workflow Management and Governance. While more and more companies are taking social more seriously, and implementing the hierarchies of content approval that we discussed in our post, many big name brands are still suffering the harsh pains of…(drumroll please)…The Social Media Blunder.

Take US Airways, for example. Just this past Monday, the airline responded to a customer’s tweet with a fairly scripted, black and white standard reply: “@ellerafter We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here for review and follow-up:” Then the post took a gruesome turn…Instead of linking the customer to US Airways’ review and follow-up page, instead a link to an extremely inappropriate, aircraft-related pornographic image was attached. We’ve included a screenshot of the tweet below, with heavy, yet necessary censorship.

blurred resized 600

So, apparently US Airways missed our blog post about how incorporating Workflow Management and Governance into content publishing strategy can save brands from ever being in this very situation in the first place, but to make matters worse, the tweet stayed in the US Airways Twitter feed for over an hour.

While the airline later tweeted out an apology and contacted news outlets nationwide to beg forgiveness for their blunder, the damage was already done. Thousands of people had been exposed to the unforgettable image, and had shared it with their social networks, making US Airways a viral topic of discussion, and not in the manner that brands hope for.

This is most definitely an extreme case of a brand’s image being negatively impacted due to questionable content surfacing on social media, however more minor cases occur all the time. Errors as simple as incorrect spelling, irrelevant content, and other mishaps that come with natural human error can potentially question the legitimacy of your enterprise if presented to the general public. By using a social enterprise platform such as Tracx, teams can implement systems through which pieces of content are quickly and efficiently reviewed and approved for mass consumption. Further, SMMS tools like Tracx operate in real-time to find and bring to attention those errors or pieces of “crisis content” that are hurting your enterprise, so that you don’t leave a hardcore pornographic image directly relatable to your brand and business on Twitter for over an hour…

If you want to learn more about Tracx, and how it can save you from social media blunders, register for a product tour below.

Tracx Emphasizes Customer Care in its Latest Version 4.7 Release


Your customers are talking about you...are you listening?

With the recent release of Tracx Version 4.7, we’ve made it even easier to build and manage relationships with your consumers. By implementing the brand new Always-On Customer Care Dashboard, enterprises will never miss an opportunity to lend a helping hand to their customers in need again. 


iMac view front (nobg) resized 600

The new dashboard gives customer care teams the ability to do the following:

  • Listen & Respond to Customers.
    Now you can view live streams of customer comments, issues, and praises. The entire social ecosystem is brought together into one single stream, from which members of the customer care team can tag and flag content, gauge sentiment, and remove non-customer service messages. In terms of responding to customers, team members can now send and receive direct messages, keep track of ongoing conversations, and perform any of the team workflow tasks that have previously been available within Tracx. 

  • Measure Activity.
    describe the image
    With the Tracx Closed Assignments Ticker, customer care professionals are now provided a measurement of response volume. The team can look at the current week’s volume in comparison to average weekly volume, as well as the current day’s volume against average daily volume. Further, a response rate feature monitors the average close time of issue-related content, in order to assess how quickly customer complaints are resolved.
  • Gauge Customer Satisfaction.
    describe the imageNow sentiment can be used as an indicator of customer satisfaction. Layer positive, negative, and neutral sentiment onto one visual, and watch for sentiment trends and spikes to avoid costly missteps.
  • Prioritize Efforts.
    Now the most important posts are brought forward, and will never get lost in the shuffle. With live stream prioritization, your team can set priorities for the content that needs to be separated from the rest, and brought to the top of the list. The full activity stream is still kept active, allowing your team to keep an eye on all social conversations at once. Prioritize your content by negative sentiment, ongoing conversations, and high potential reach.
  • Customize Activity Streams.
    Now the information within each widget can be customized to suit your team’s needs. Position content by filters, owned & query material, teams, content type, priority, and more.

Tracx is redefining the social media listening industry. To learn more about Tracx, and the other updates available with version 4.7, register for a Product Tour below.

Tracx Releases Version 4.7, The Most Powerful Enterprise Social Platform To Date


Earlier this week, Tracx released the most updated version of our enterprise social platform, Version 4.7. The company continues to raise the bar for functionality from a social media listening, management, and analytics standpoint, while at the same time streamlining capabilities for a more simplistic and intuitive user experience.

Version 4.7 includes the following features:

  • Priority Stream:
    Priority Stream allows the user to view posts with higher potential value first. Posts that are tagged as displaying negative sentiment, have high potential reach, or are marked as ongoing conversations, are brought to the top of the queue, ensuring that the user manages his or her workload in the most efficient way possible.
  • Customer Care Dashboard:
    This entirely new dashboard was constructed to cater to all of an enterprise’s customer care needs via 3 live streams: “social stream” (Priority Stream included), “direct messages stream,” and “my assignments stream.” Now companies can engage with customers in real time, divide the workflow between agents, and measure their customer care performance.
  • Real Time Action Buttons:
    Working with social media is all about real-time functionality and efficiency, so Tracx has added a key feature to support just that: real-time action buttons. Assigning, tagging, replying, and using all other action buttons will now be reflected in real time to all team members. Intra-enterprise collaborative efforts can now keep up with the speed of social.
  • LinkedIn Company Pages:
    Users can now monitor conversations on LinkedIn company pages. Companies can add their pages as owned media assets, publish to a company page, and filter their results for a more focused drilldown.

Tracx continues to advance the social listening market by providing the most cross functional, end-to-end enterprise social platform available. To learn more about Tracx, and the recent updates to our tool, register for a Product Tour below!

The Grand National Vs. The Speed of Social – 8 Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind


Aintree1 resized 600

The Grand National, England’s premier horse race, is set to take place this Saturday, April 5th. The race has been deemed “the ultimate test of horse and rider,” as the track spans over 4 miles, with horses jumping 30 of the toughest obstacles featured in any competition of its kind. Due to the intense and challenging nature of the track, and the huge amounts of money at stake (last year’s prize fund was £975,000), 500-600 million people around the world are expected to watch the event.


Mr. Frisk, the 1990 Grand National winner and current record holder for fastest time to date, finished the competition in just 8 minutes and 47 seconds. In honor of Saturday’s Race, (and Mr. Frisk), we thought it would be fun to look at some social media stats to see how long 8 minutes and 47 seconds truly is in today’s digital era. Below are some jaw dropping statistics that represent just how much takes place online during Mr. Frisk’s record time.

Volume of social activity in 8 minutes, 47 seconds:

  1. 21,598,800 Facebook posts are created.

  2. 353,639 Tweets are released into the Twittersphere.

  3. 365,833 Instagram posts are shared.

  4. These 365,833 Instagram posts yield 52,680 comments.

  5. 878 HOURS of YouTube videos are uploaded.

  6. 18,289 people "check in" on Foursquare.

  7. 692,644 Tumblr posts are published.

  8. 2,536,798 Google searches are executed.

It's clear that we are continuously transitioning into an “always-on,” “always connected” society that interacts with one another faster than ever before. Social media can serve as a great measure for shedding some light on just how active we are on the Web... and the numbers are simply mind blowing.

Good luck to all the competitors in The Grand National this weekend! It’s time to see which horses are closest to moving at the speed of social.

6 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Customer Care At The Enterprise Level

sm growth


There’s no denying that rates of social media use are growing at jaw-dropping, exponential rates. According to eMarketer, the number of people engaging with one another via online networks has grown by 80 million in just the last six years… 


So, how can today’s businesses capitalize on this trend?


By integrating social media into their customer care strategy, of course! 

Below we’ve highlighted six of the top ways that social media can enhance customer care at the enterprise level:

  1. Promote more human/one-on-one interactions. Social media provides the opportunity for your brand/enterprise to promote a tangible human touch through personalized and sometimes humorous interactions with customers. Ditch the scripts, and have authentic, relaxed, and genuine conversations with your consumers. With features of a social enterprise platform such as publishing chains of approval, there is no risk associated with your representatives releasing un-canned respones.

  2. Encourage feedback from customers on social. They will feel more connected to the brand, and will receive the message that their opinions matter. Here they can voice suggestions, so that you can know exactly what your customers are yearning for. By encouraging people to share positive experiences they have had with your brand, word of mouth advertising will take its course, bringing you a larger following.

  3. Deal with negative feedback in real-time. By setting response-time goals within your social media team, another measurable facet of customer care performance is born. For most consumers, 24 hours is both reasonable and acceptable, but some retail enterprises have response-time goals as short as five minutes! With a social platform such as Tracx, measuring these goals has never been easier.

  4. Keep an eye on your competitors. For example, if a competitor is offering a significant promotion, you may want to follow suit in order to avoid missing out on opportunity. Monitoring competitors' social accounts also allows you to find out what people like or dislike about their brand, and you can adjust accordingly.

  5. Create a permanent support database. If the same FAQs keep coming up on social, begin documenting these somewhere that customers can access the answers easily. This allows the customer to choose how they get their information, and customers like choices.

  6. Identify demand moments that will increase sales. Identify and interact with potential customers in the appropriate stages of the purchasing cycle. Social media is the easiest forum within which a consumer can voice interest and be responded to immediately. Find out more about demand moments here.

The Tracx social enterprise platform allows all branches of your enterprise to capitalize on social media, including your customer care team.

Give your customers better service no matter where they are…Learn more about Tracx’s social enterprise platform by registering for a Product Tour today.

Social Media As A Series of Demand Moments


demand moment

DEMAND MOMENT: an expression of need for a product or service. (ex: a display of intent to buy a product, request a service, travel somewhere, or even offer an opinion)


Are you ready to discover and measure demand moments?

The purchase cycle has been accelerated. With so much information now easily found and consumed about products and pricing, shoppers are making faster and better-informed purchasing decisions; from snack chips, to cell phones, to cars. Influencing and engaging these customers at the right time is more important than ever, and discovering, analyzing, and addressing demand moments must be a priority in order to stay competitive and stay in business.

But are you ready? Can you respond and shape demand moments at the speed of social?

Why you’re falling behind…

Legacy CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, and Marketing Automation systems are simply not equipped to handle the massive influx of real-time, unstructured data – they manage data you have collected in-house. Additionally, focus groups in the past provided deep insight into the minds of consumers and their demand moments, but they were lengthy, often expensive, required a set of focus participants (which could lead to a “self-fulfilling bias”), and took time.

Demand moments at the speed of social

Social media presents a real-time stream of demand moments, ready to be discovered, studied, and actualized through multiple channels. Think of social media as a focus group of a billion potential participants – but so much better. Discovery is the key to using social media for greater insight. Brands can then leverage these insights to shape and refine demand moments and push consumers further down the purchase funnel.

Social is a congested highway of information, constantly filling massive parking lots of data. But for most, the data just sits. Simple tools aren’t effective. Enterprise social platforms are required to ingest the data and then deliver it effectively to leverage across the enterprise through integrated business systems in marketing, sales, operations, HR, product development, supply-chain management, and customer services (just to name a few).

  • How well do you understand your customers?
  • What are the top demand moments for your product or service? Are you sure?
  • When was the last time you assessed your audience and how they use your product or service?
  • Where are your customer insights coming from? Are you measuring in real-time?

In order to understand today’s demand moments, you must be able to tap social media for real-time data. Enterprise level social platforms are required to gather and segment this data across the entire social conversation, not just owned-media.

Stop missing demand moments…Learn more about Tracx’s social enterprise platform by registering for a Product Tour today.

Tracx Featured in Latest Issue of CIO Review


Screenshot 2014 03 21 09.49.42Tracx has been featured in the latest issue of the CIO Review

The article, which details Tracx’s history and growth to date, also highlights CEO Eran Gilad’s experience, and the visionary leadership that he brings to the company.

In the article, learn how Tracx separates itself from the other social listening tools on the market by:


  • Utilizing proprietary technology that was built from the ground up to be a single, end-to-end social enterprise platform.
  • Providing service for today’s brands that require advanced analytics and greater insight into online conversations.
  • Leveraging the true power of SocialCRM.

Download the article HERE to learn more about Tracx.

Who approved that Tweet???


Social Media Blunders Can Be Avoided By Properly Utilizing Workflow Management and Governance

Modern enterprises have turned to social media as an outlet for reinventing their marketing messaging. Social media provides a shotgun-style, demographically diverse arena for brands to express their value and build relationships with their consumers…if it’s used properly. That being said, some big name companies have fallen victim to social media blunders, resulting in their having to backpedal and recover as quickly, and as quietly, as possible.

Perceived Insensitivity and Exploitation

volvo social media oopsRecently, Volvo Car Corporation posted an insensitive message on its Sina Weibo account regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The post on the Chinese social network was interpreted by users as an attempt to capitalize on the mysterious tragedy, and caused serious backlash. The post was only up for an hour, but screenshots continue to circulate, reinforcing the idea that once something is published online, it is practically irremovable.


bing-invited-a-ton-of-criticism-when-it-used-the-japan-earthquake-to-promote-its-accountIn a similar instance, Bing inspired criticism when they tried to rally support for earthquake victims in Japan, saying that for every re-Tweet they received, they would donate $1 to restorative efforts. While their heart was in the right place, Bing was heavily accused of exploiting a tragic natural disaster in order to promote their brand.

“Oops, wrong account.”

Then, there are the countless cases in which staff members are under the impression that they are posting from a personal account, when they are actually serving as the voice of a gigantic corporation.

vodafoneuk tweet oopsTake Vodafone for example, where an employee accidentally published an obscene, homophobic tweet via the company’s primary Twitter handle, causing justified uprising from within the Twitter-sphere.


red cross oopsThen there was the Red Cross "Beer" incident - again an "oops, did I do that?" Tweet from a personal account, but less controversial. The Red Cross was quick to respond and used some humor in their responses. 

Solution: Team Workflows and Governance with Tracx

At the end of the day, human error and lack of judgment will always be a factor while using social media. So how can enterprises avoid an embarrassing, and potentially devastating blunder? The answer: workflow management and governance.

With Tracx, customizable team workflows are easily constructed, allowing chains of authority to simply and effectively diffuse the possibility of one of these PR nightmares. While posts are seamlessly passed along these chains to team leaders before publication, each piece of content is quickly and efficiently reviewed by however many sets of eyes the enterprise sees fit. Various team members can be assigned different levels of publication authority, providing a completely customizable chain of command.

Today’s smart enterprises are using social media to enhance their marketing efforts. Today’s smarter enterprises are using social media management technology to make sure these efforts achieve their potential without a hitch.

Avoid costly mistakes…Learn more about Tracx’s social enterprise platform by registering for a Product Tour today.

Utilizing Geo-Location as Part of Your Social Strategy


What if you could effectively target customers at the most important point in the consideration cycle: when they're standing right in front of you?

Understanding where your customers engage with your brand online is good… understanding where they engage with your brand geographically is even better.


These "demand moments" happen every second of every day across all social channels. Without an understanding of where these consumers are at that moment, situations like the one above would be lost. Accordingly, deep monitoring of social conversations is a must.

When understanding your customers, POS data gives you insight into where they physically purchased your products and services, providing you transactional records. What about the rest of the sales cycle? How do you influence consumers throughout the funnel where they are?

Terms like geo-fencing, geo-targeting, geo-tracking, geo-modifying, etc. are becoming more and more common place. Often, expensive testing and retesting is required to see what geo or DMA is most receptive. By harnessing street level social analytics, those costs for tests can be cut significantly, plus new and untapped DMAs can be surfaced for further targeting. Even without "checking in", the right social listening platform can gather geo-location data for you. By layering the GPS/location data carried within social activity PLUS encouraging check-ins, marketers gain deeper insight into where these demand moments happen, be it at the retail outlet or at another location. 

Guarantee greater success by building geo-location into your Social Strategy:

  • Ensure that your social listening platform can monitor geographic data down to the street level (both from checkins and from the encoded GPS data in their public social postings)

  • Let your community know that checking in is important to you

  • Use geographic info from social networks to drive location-based participation

  • Remind consumers to check in, especially for large events

  • Encourage cross-promotion from location services to social networks

  • Offer rewards for Foursquare or Facebook check-ins

Tracx Leads the Pack in New Independent Research of Social Platforms


Freshminds social research Tracx leads the pack

Freshminds, a growth and innovation consultancy firm fusing research, predictive data analytics, and digital strategy development, has named Tracx as one of the “Five social media listening tools that impress [them] most” in their 2014 Social Media Listening Report entitled “Are You Listening? – Harnessing Social Data To Drive Business Decisions.

The report, which was released this past Wednesday, addresses questions such as:

  • “where can social media listening add real value to a business?”
  • “how do I pick the right tool for my business?”

There are hundreds of tools available, ranging from solutions that provide niche-specific services, to broader, more general functionality. To simplify things, Freshminds has created three categories of focus for today’s social media listening tools:

  • Insight and Monitoring: Quantitatively and qualitatively monitoring and reporting on consumer conversations.
  • Engagement and Management: Managing engagement with consumers and content across a company’s social channels.
  • Monetization: Management and analytics of social campaigns, advertising, and promotions.

Very few tools on the market right now span all three of these areas, however in the recent past many software vendors have undergone acquisitions and partnerships with the goal of providing a more well rounded, complete solution.

Tracx is the only recommended cross-functional tool

Tracx was designed from the beginning to serve as an all-encompassing total enterprise social platform. As depicted in the full Freshminds report (DOWNLOAD HERE), Tracx is the only tool - out of the fifteen that were examined - to fit into more than one niche category. The Tracx platform truly serves powerful purpose across entire enterprises, and Freshminds has recognized this, placing us in both the Engagement & Management and the Insight & Monitoring categories.

Reach the same conclusion by attending a Product Tour:

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