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Tracx is a 360-degree social media management software (SMMS) platform delivering unified social intelligence that allows enterprises to manage, share and extract actionable insights, threats and opportunities from the social web.

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The #FridayFive for August 29th: Patrick The Wombat, Burning Man, and National Dog Day


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Happy Friday, everyone! Today we continue the tradition of the #FridayFive here at Tracx. Every Friday, we'll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gained traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform. 

The Tracx dashboard collects trending content and presents a complete and holistic real-time view of what's popular across the web. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

National Dog Day

dog1 resized 600

This past Tuesday was National Dog Day, and if you spent any time on social media it’s likely that you saw your news feeds filled with your buddies’ favorite four-legged friends. Everyone from brands, to celebrities, to average Joe’s all embraced the holiday by sharing pictures, videos, and sentimental posts about their pups.

dog2 resized 600

dog4 resized 600

Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige founded the holiday in 2004 with the intention of establishing a day to honor dogs more than we currently do, and to encourage adoption and rescue. It can be seen as a “K9 4th of July,” or can be celebrated as a birthday for rescued dogs. If you love dogs like we do, consider donating to your local shelter in honor of National Dog Day!

Burning Man

bm2 resized 600

Burning man is a weeklong annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. Occurring every year since 1986, the event is best described as an experiment in community, art, radical-self expression, and extreme self-reliance. It is said that one cannot truly conceptualize what Burning Man is like until he or she has actually spent time in the temporary community of over 50,000 people. Currency is not allowed, and some of the world’s most creative (and abstract) musicians and artists flock to the desert each year to escape from the realities of everyday life and show off their weirdness. Even though Burning Man takes place in a remote desert, people in attendance still took to social media this week to update their friends of all of the amazing things they were experiencing.

bm1 resized 600

bm3 resized 600

But of course, there are always going to be people that poke fun at those that choose to be a little different…

bmMean resized 600

bmMean2 resized 600

Jimmy Kimmel's "Friends" Reunion

Fans of the classic sitcom Friends went crazy this past week when Jimmy Kimmel staged an unexpected reunion with three of the show’s stars – Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. Aniston was on Kimmel’s late night show to promote her new movie, Life Of Crime, and reluctantly read a fan fiction script composed by Kimmel himself. People spread this video like viral wildfire across all social networks, primarily Facebook and Twitter, resulting in over 2 million views in just 2 days.

Happy Birthday to Patrick the Wombat

wombat9 resized 600

Never underestimate the degree to which the Internet can surprise you. This week, the world’s fattest and oldest wombat turned 29 years old, and received way more ‘happy birthday’ wishes than your most popular Facebook friend. Patrick the wombat weighs in at just under 40 kilos, and has been hand raised by the owners at Ballarat Wildlife Park. Tourism Australia took to Facebook to wish Patrick a happy birthday on Tuesday, and the post went viral due to cuteness overload.

Since the post, Patrick has gained over 5,000 new fans on his Facebook page, and the Ballarat Wildlife Park has decided to extend his birthday into a weeklong celebration. Happy birthday, Patrick!

Salmond vs. Darling Debate

banner resized 600

This past Monday evening Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together leader Alistair Darling went head to head in their final televised debate regarding the potential secession of Scotland from the UK. According to a post-debate poll of a little over 500 people, Salmond beat Darling heavy-handedly, as their scores were 71% and 29% respectively. However the conversations on social media don’t represent such an overwhelming split.

We wrote a blog post discussing our analysis of social data surrounding the debate, which highlights some interesting findings. Obviously people are voicing their opinions on social media as the referendum vote date of September 18th draws nearer, but what is most surprising is how the discussion is trending geographically.

Social Influencer Insight Metrics, Part 1: Relevance


200276604 001 resized 600

At Tracx, we define an influencer as a person or group of people who possesses greater than average potential to influence due to attributes such as frequency of communication, personal persuasiveness, or size of and centrality to a social network, among other traits. Over the past decade, more and more enterprises have recognized the lucrative potential of reaching out and developing relationships with influencers. But first, you must identify these influencers. Using Tracx, you gain unparalleled influencer identification and management.

describe the imageIn our whitepaper 5 Influencer Insights That Matter we outline the 5 key insights that comprise an efficient and powerful influencer. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of relevance.

Relevance is determined by how closely the posts of an influencer match your brand’s strategic keywords. To start, you’ll need to create a solid list of search terms and enlist a reliable software platform such as Tracx to help you identify and rank influencers. Influencer marketing is most beneficial as a symbiotic relationship, so going through this process is not just important for your own sake, but also for the sake of your influencer’s appreciation of a good fit. Provide a positive experience for you influencer, and you’ll be more likely to have a positive experience for your program.

Here are the top reasons for influencers to work with brands according to Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report:

Screen Shot 2014 08 27 at 3.41.40 PM resized 600

To learn more about influencer marketing and the other four remaining influencer insights that matter, download our whitepaper below.

Salmond and Darling: The Debate On Scottish Independence Through The Social Lens


banner resized 600

On Monday evening, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together head Alistair Darling went toe-to-toe on a global stage for their final debate leading up to the referendum vote, which will take place on September 18th. The debate was held at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, and covered major topics such as oil revenues, currency, and the future of nuclear weapons and defensive strategy.

The debate was split into four sections – Opening Statements, The Issues, Cross-Examination, and Closing Statements. Each of the issues was introduced by a question from the audience, and addressed the following concerns: Economy, Scotland at Home, Scotland in the World, and What Happens After the Vote.

Although Darling won the first debate a few weeks ago, this time around he appeared on edge and nervous while Salmond was more confident and prepared. In the past Salmond had struggled with the question, “What’s your Plan B?” if Westminster refuses to share the pound with a newly independent Scotland. However on Monday, Salmond stated that he was first and foremost seeking a “mandate” from the people of Scotland to negotiate to share the pound.

What does Social Media Tell Us?

After the debate, a snap poll was conducted by The Guardian newspaper and polling company ICM, which suggested that Salmond’s score was 71%, against Darling’s 29%. However, the poll was comprised of only about 500 people, so we decided to look at people’s reactions to the debate through the lens of social media via the Tracx platform. 

255,559 relevant tweets were generated in the 24 hours following the debate. While according to the poll Salmond won in dramatic fashion, the conversation on social media tells a different story. As depicted in the chart below, many people saw the debate as being relatively close. Conversation volume was split almost exactly down the middle for each politician.

Screen Shot 2014 08 27 at 12.24.08 PM resized 600


Also, people’s sentiment towards both Darling and Salmond was very similar, with Salmond receiving a slightly higher overall sentiment score.

Screen Shot 2014 08 27 at 12.09.08 PM resized 600

Surprising Regional Activity

Naturally, the debate trended on Twitter heavily in the UK, as shown in this geo-heatmap displaying conversation volume.

uk heatmap resized 600

But what really caught our eye was that the debate hit the trending charts in Malaga, Gibraltar, Seville, and Spain as a whole. It’s very possible that Spaniards are keeping a close eye on the fight for Scottish independence with the Catalonian independence movement in mind.

catalonia resized 600

Beyond Simple Hashtags

It’s easy to measure the virality of a hashtag. Tracx allows for more in depth insight by surfacing not just hashtags, but the main conversation drivers in any given discussion. In regards to Monday’s debate, the terms being used in the conversations surrounding each politician were very similar. However, we saw increased mentions of major issues such as ‘currency’, ‘oil’, and ‘economy’ in the posts exclusively mentioning Salmond. This shows that people discussing Salmond are talking about more of the major issues at hand, more often, while people talking about Darling are more prone to producing high-level topic discussion and opinion-based posts.

combined word cloud resized 600



ForstHeadShot2 (533x800) resized 600New York, NY, August 20, 2014 – Tracx, the leading unified enterprise social media platform, today announced that Eric Forst has joined its executive team as the Vice President of Client Services. This new role within the organization reinforces Tracx’s commitment as a customer-centric organization as they continue to grow rapidly.

In his role as VP, Client Services, Mr. Forst will leverage his deep experience in SaaS platforms for digital and social media to oversee and manage the Tracx client services department to maintain its industry-leading customer satisfaction levels. Eric will head the Tracx training and on-boarding programs, including the development of a video training series, spearheading regional and national user conferences, and developing improved processes for inbound customer support and account management.

“As Tracx continues to experience rapid growth as the industry’s leading social media analytics and engagement platform, we are committed to ensuring our clients' success with a renewed commitment to our delivery of services.” Geoff Farris, CRO of Tracx.

Prior to Tracx, Eric was Chief Sales Officer of Synapsify, Inc., a text-analytics company and he was VP business development for Banyan Branch (now Deloitte Digital), a social media agency. In addition, he headed agency partnerships and territory sales for Visible Technologies, a social media analytics platform. He has also headed corporate marketing for Traffic Marketplace, one of the Internet's largest display advertising networks in 2005, and for Agile-1, a hosted software solution for the staffing industry.

Eric received his MFA in English/Creative Writing from UMASS, Amherst and his BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. Eric is a frequent speaker on social media and marketing and has presented at venues including Text Analytics World, Social Media Club, MediaPosts' OMMA conferences, Gravity Summit and Digital Hollywood.

The #FridayFive for August 22nd: A Mystery Dance Machine, #EverySimpsonsEver, And The Best Coach of All Time

describe the image

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we continue the tradition of the #FridayFive here at Tracx. Every Friday, we'll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gained traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform. 

The Tracx dashboard collects trending content and presents a complete and holistic real-time view of what's popular across the web. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

Try to Match This Man’s Passion This Weekend…

It’s been a long week, and I feel the exact same emotions that must be pulsing through this man’s body as he shows his living room dance floor who’s boss. Who is this mystery dance machine? Does anyone know of how to get in contact with him? I need to hang out with this guy… While at first glance this video may come across as a huge joke – and it is – there are valuable lessons to be learned from watching this legend express himself in the form of dance. There is no such thing as a bad dancer, as long as you bring the correct attitude along with your moves. This guy doesn’t have a care in the world, and clearly is having the time of his life despite performing for a less than amused audience of young children. From the hip movements at 47 seconds, to his uncontrollable explosion of passion at 57 seconds, this man serves as a brilliant reminder to not take life too seriously, and to do what makes you smile. No matter what you’re up to this weekend, try to have as much fun as this guy! 

David Belisle's Little League World Series Ending Motivational and Inspirational Speech

This clip of Little League coach David Belisle’s post-game speech to his team has gone viral across all major social networks this week, and has been shared most notably on Facebook. Everyone from news outlets, to baseball fans, to people just looking to share an uplifting story has taken to social media to spread these inspiring words. After a devastating 8-7 loss in the Little League World Series, Belisle gathered his team, the Cumberland Americans from Rhode Island, to look them in the eye and explain just how proud of them he is. While it’s not so common to see a post-game speech from the perspective of the losing team, Belisle delivers a truly special message that I hope the kids keep with them for as long as they would have kept the memories of victory. Best coach ever.

The Most Important ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of Them All – MUST WATCH

The #IceBucketChallenge to #StrikeOutALS needs no introduction. If you’ve been on the Internet in the past two weeks or so, chances are that you’ve been exposed to the never-ending videos of people around the world dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. Donations for the cause reached over $41 million yesterday evening, and continue to grow heading into the weekend.

While some people have grown a little exhausted of the countless challenge videos appearing on their social feeds, a young man diagnosed with ALS explains just how much this movement has meant to him, and the entirety of the ALS community. Jump to 1:58 to skip the humorous part and get to the meaningful stuff.

The Tracxters around the globe – from NYC, to London, to Tel Aviv – were challenged by one of our very own, and of course we rose to that challenge.




And just for some good fun, here’s a compilation of ice bucket challenge FAILS:


Starting yesterday, the FXX Network is airing every episode of The Simpsons EVER. The marathon will continue all the way through to September 2nd, when the season 25 finale will be broadcasted. The purpose of the marathon is to pay homage to the longest-running sitcom and animated show of all time. Since its premier in 1989, The Simpsons has established a cult following, comprised of viewers from all ages and demographics. Accordingly, fans of the show have taken to social, primarily Twitter, to voice their enthusiasm/excitement for the marathon, to share interesting facts, and connect with other diehard fans.

simpsons2 resized 600

describe the image

simpsons3 resized 600

But hey, being a true Simpsons fan has its difficulties…

simpsons4 resized 600


On September 18th, 2014 a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place. Obviously this is grounds for heated debate for members of both nations, and the conversation on social media is bursting with activity. For several weeks in a row now, the Tracx Community Dashboard has surfaced the hashtag #YesBecause as trending on major networks such as Twitter and Facebook. ‘#YesBecause’ is being used for advocates of Scottish independence to voice their opinions on why Scotland deserves secession from the UK, and it’s one of the most informed conversations we’ve seen on social.

yes1 resized 600

yes2 resized 600

yes3 resized 600

yes5 resized 600

Leading up to September 18th, we’ll look more closely at the push for Scottish independence through the lens of social media, so keep your eyes peeled.


Why Tracx? - Watch Our Product Overview Video


Tracx is the next generation social enterprise platform that enables brands to manage, monetize, and optimize their business. Realize the full value that social can bring to your organization across any and all departments. Check out our Product Overview video below:

Here’s how Tracx provides unprecedented insight into all aspects of brand health:

Unmatched Social Intelligence:

Mines social conversations to transform company positioning, strategy, supply chain, execution, sales, marketing, product innovation and HR.

  • Big Data
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Extensive Influencer Module
  • Audience and Influencers Focus
  • Earned & Owned

Unified Social Management:

Provides cross-departmental workflows and corporate governance while seamlessly integrating with enterprise systems.

  • End-to-End
  • Advanced Engagement Module
  • Insight Driven Actions

Accelerated Social Monetization:

Identifies and converts real-time leads from social conversations and tracks ROI from social initiatives. 

  • Purchase Intent
  • Geo-location Data
  • Predictive Capabilities

Contact us to learn more about Tracx:


The Top 5 Most Important Analytics for Understanding Your Customers


A recent article by eMarketer highlights the opportunities that data provides in regards to personalization. While today’s marketers are using data more than ever to tailor their interactions with their consumers, the article also underlines the challenges that come with the territory of providing such a customized approach. There is no magic bullet that will solve all the issues presented, however, social media and powerful social analytics platforms provide unparalleled insight into customer behavior and affinities that alleviate the hardships and challenges marketers face when trying to understand, engage, and personalize content for consumers.

According to a May 2014 study conducted by Econsultancy in association with Lynchpin, marketers identified the following essential KPI’s when it came to analytics for understanding customers:

main1 resized 600

Here’s how brands utilize Tracx to address each of these focus areas, and to gain an unparalleled understanding of consumers:

Tracking behavior across channels.

See when various major social networks are most active by filtering between time of day, or day of week. Your customers react differently across different channels, especially when it comes to varying social networks. Surface key conversation drivers around your brand and your ecosystem that ultimately impact your communications.

CD1 resized 600

Monitor online and offline campaigns for true omni-channel insight. Don’t limit your campaign tracking to just hashtags – capture the full relevant online conversation to gauge message awareness, retention, and amplification.

Personalization and targeting.

Social media is the most scalable, truly personal marketing channel. Create true 1-to1 interactions. Fulfill customers’ demand for immediate, personalized service via in-line engagement, as detailed here.

Tracx’s Social Leads feature allows identification of and targeting to different stages of the sales funnel. Surface potential revenue-driving consumers for your product or service.

SL1 resized 600

Influence the advertisement creative process, as discussed in this blog post. Find out what messaging, creative, and other content resonates most with your customers to create relevant and timely campaigns. 

The Customer Care dashboard surfaces what’s most relevant at any given moment to capture trending content and insert your brand directly into the most current conversations – moving away from blanket evergreen campaigns towards timely messaging.

CD2 resized 600

Identifying valuable clusters/segments of customers.

Leverage advanced analytics and user identification/aggregation algorithms to uncover brand influencers and brand assassins. Protect your brand, while isolating key communication nodes that will amplify your brand. Word-of-mouth recommendations drive increased engagement and sales.

influence1 resized 600

By tapping into the largest pool of consumer data, you can build detailed customer segmentation analysis, as addressed in our whitepaper, Social Customer Segmentationand the following blog posts:

Evaluating the overall customer experience.

Machine-learning sentiment analysis allows the user to get a grip on how consumers really feel about his/her brand. This information can be filtered and sliced to view sentiment across various demographics, topics, and sections of your market, in order to gain a full 360-degree perspective of how your current and potential customers view your brand. Sentiment is shown for each post, and is able to be updated manually.

sentiment1 resized 600

sentiment2 resized 600

Monitoring the social customer lifecycle through the Tracx Social Leads module as well as our Customer Care Dashboard. Bring social data into your organization to enhance business intelligence, looking at engagement rates, response times, and lifecycle stages to uncover hidden pain points and bottlenecks in your customer service strategies. 

Identifying patterns of content engagement and campaign response.

Gain deep social analysis and insight that can only be revealed by pulling in all relevant conversations across the social web through an enterprise social media platform like Tracx. Just like with web analytics, track and monitor your campaign’s impact on your bottom line. Find the most resonating messaging, from the basic hashtag to visual creative and beyond.

The Tracx Trend Analysis Dashboard allows brands to stay up to date with current trends, most popular URLs, and how the trends are distributed across various social networks over time. Users can then leverage trending content to amplify their messaging within relevant conversations.

trend1 resized 600

trend2 resized 600

Identify conversation drivers for your brand and ecosystem that your audience of consumers has engaged with most. Monitor these topics over time to truly assess their efficacy. 

conversationdrivers resized 600

With Tracx’s exportable multi-formatted reports detailing owned media engagement/response, manipulate the data to uncover even more trends and key insights aligned with your unique KPIs.

reports2 resized 600

Social media has grown up. The days of it being a novelty or a “toy” are long gone, and smart organizations have already integrated social media into their strategies and business intelligence divisions. By using Tracx, the world’s top brands understand consumers better than ever before. Truly personalized messaging and engagement comes at a near 1-to-1 level, which is scalable through social media by using Tracx.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll explore how Tracx overcomes the challenges that most organizations experience when trying reach these important KPI’s.

Find out how Tracx can help you understand and reach your customers.

Contact us today.

The #FridayFive for August 15th: Supermoon, EDM Cats, and Fantasy Football Fantasy

Friday five banner resized 600

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we continue the tradition of the #FridayFive here at Tracx. Every Friday, we'll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gained traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform. 

The Tracx dashboard collects trending content and presents a complete and holistic real-time view of what's popular across the web. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

Fantasy Football Fantasy - A Manning Brothers Music Video

Only 20 days left ‘til the NFL season kicks off, and fans are getting pumped! Over the past few years, the popularity of fantasy football has boomed tremendously, and DirecTV is launching a “Fantasy Zone” channel included in their exclusive “NFL Sunday Ticket” package for the 2014 season. 

In order to spread awareness about the addition to the Sunday Ticket, DirecTV enlisted two of the most recognizable faces of the NFL – The Manning brothers. This awesome ad features Eli and Peyton rapping their latest hit, “Fantasy Football Fantasy.” The clip gained traction on YouTube since its release on Monday, and was shared like mad across all major social networks by football fans and pop culture fans alike.

Supermoon 2014

moon1 resized 600

This articlewhich was published by The Atlantic, features 21 mesmerizing photos of last Sunday’s “Supermoon,” captured from all over the world. I first saw this being shared on my personal Facebook newsfeed at the beginning of the week, and later on I noticed it floating around the Community Dashboard within Tracx as it made its way through the Twittersphere. 

moon2 resized 600

It’s understandable why people are sharing these pictures, aside from their aesthetic appeal they highlight and remind us of the fact that we are considerably small when taking into account the mindboggling vastness that we call outer space. At least for myself, beautifully raw and naturally occurring events such as the Supermoon serve as the most humbling reminders of this concept.

Screen Shot 2014 08 14 at 11.09.58 PM resized 600

Robin Williams 

This #FridayFive wouldn’t have been complete without paying homage to the great Robin Williams. Social media absolutely EXPLODED with grief after hearing of the amazing actor/comedian’s passing on Monday afternoon. Celebrities and fans alike took to various social networks to pay their respects to a man that provided so many people so much joy for so many years.

rw1 resized 600

rw2 resized 600

rw3 resized 600

In this clip from The Conan O’Brien Show, it’s easy to get a feel for the type of person that Robin Williams was. As Conan puts it, “you can talk about Robin, or you can just let him have the floor…”

true that

Uhhh….Michael Cera released a music album. The actor most noted as being the gangly awkward kid from the film Superbad quietly uploaded a $7 self-released album entitled true that to Bandcamp this past week. While murmurs began to spread that it was indeed Cera behind the music, it wasn’t until Superbad co-star Jonah Hill tweeted the following that people actually began to believe their ears.

cera1 resized 600

The most shocking part of all of this is that the album is actually pretty good. Cera blends talents on both the piano and the guitar, resulting in a style all his own. His vocals are just sheepish enough to be definitively Cera, while still sounding professionally soothing and entertaining.

All in all, I just wanted to spread the word about true that. I have tons of respect for anyone with that much limelight that chooses to go about releasing such a personal project so quietly. Buy the album if you enjoy the music!

Meow Mix Song | EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth

This absurd advertisement was created by Meow Mix as part of their recent campaign, during which they’re releasing a series of remixes to their famous household jingle. It’s clear that Meow Mix is going for the sheer spectacle approach here, as this video features a bunch of cats partying to EDM and an exploding disco ball that rains morsels of kibble on the raging kittens. It appears to be working, as Tracx’s Community Dashboard recognized the clip as driving more and more chatter and distribution throughout the week. Meow Mix is even hosting a contest for the best amateur rendition of their jingle, so grab your cat a weird costume and have at it.

How Social Data Can Transform Supply Chain Management [Infographic]


Social listening is a strong tool in the market research arsenal. Data from the social web provides a detailed, real-time snapshot of a product's demand. Looking at social conversation on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie demonstrates how social media can guide a movie merchandisers' supply chain management. 

See a larger version here.

How Social Media Affects Supply Chain Management

Where will your merchandise sell?

Allocating inventory correctly can make the difference between record-breaking sales and a huge flop. Depending on economic conditions and local trends, merchandise that flies off the shelf in one state can collect dust in another. Harnessing social to analyze regional character popularity helps to guide the inventory allocation process, as geographic areas that will be most receptive to particular products are surfaced. 

Next step:

Use social listening to hone in on the areas where your products will fly off the shelf. Apply insights about local trends to craft a successful retail strategy. Make sure your products never end up collecting dust on the wrong store's shelf. 

Who is your audience?

Good merchandising decisions depend on a deep understanding of your audience. These graphs depict the demographics of people talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles online. Social media analysis can reveal demographics about your audience, guiding your supply chain management decisions.

Next step:

Do instant market research by using social listening to capture an instant demographic breakdown of people talking about your products online. Run choose your advertisements, promotions, and co-marketing campaigns based on a true understanding of your audience. 

Are your products popular?

Which of your products is in the highest demand? The graph below shows the volume of social conversation around each of the main characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Manufacturing and pricing decisions should be adjusted accordingly once the products’ relative popularities are determined. Will your products stay popular? Supply chain decisions are made months before products even hit the shelves. Social listening can reveal general trends in popularity as well as offer insight into how your audience responds to advertising and promotions.

Next step:

Adjust your product mix to reflect your products' relative popularity. Find out which products won't be popular early in your manufacturing process instead of late in the retail stage. 

How about joint packaging? 

Before kicking off a promotion that combines several products into one package, it’s important to know how the audiences for the various products overlap. This graph shows how conversations about three of the most popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters intersect. The data suggests that a promotion comprised of Leonardo and Michelangelo action figures would do better than a promotion for Michelangelo and Shredder products. Social media enables a deeper analysis of the products’ popularity than traditional market research.

Next step: 

Use social media to judge overlaps in your products' audiences for effective joint packaging promotions. 

The #FridayFive For August 7th: #ShareaCoke, The "Apparently" Kid, and Panda Friend

describe the image

Happy Friday, everyone! It's time for a new Tracx #FridayFive. Every Friday, we'll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gained traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform. 

The Tracx dashboard collects trending content and presents a complete and holistic real-time view of what's popular across the web. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

#ShareaCoke with the McGillicuddys

Coca Cola has hit a marketing goldmine with their personalized bottle campaign this summer. For the first time ever, the soft drink giant has replaced their iconic logo with 250 popular names on their classic soda bottle. This initiative has inspired lots of activity and content creation on social media, and this YouTube clip is the best piece we’ve seen yet. In the video, a couple receives some major news in one of the most creative ways possible. The clip has been shared constantly on Twitter and Facebook, and trended heavily throughout the week with a spike in distribution on Wednesday.


In case you haven’t heard, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiers today! The revamped version of the hit 1980’s comic book/cartoon features a star-studded cast including Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and William Fichtner, and is heavily anticipated by a wide variety of demographics. Accordingly, #TMNT has been trending online for some time now. This week Twitter was booming with chatter surrounding not only the release of the film, but the merchandise associated with the TMNT brand.

People are discussing projected ticket sales:

tmnt3 resized 600

The film is providing all sorts of creative inspiration, from tee shirts to balloon art:

tmnt4 resized 600

tmnt2 resized 600

There’s even a TMNT workout:

tmnt1 resized 600

Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan - Identical Plays: The Last Dance (Part III)

This awesome YouTube clip was made by Youssef Hannoun, and stitches together identical plays performed by two of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I saw this video trending throughout the week on Facebook, which has resulted in a view count of over 2 million. Personally, I can’t allow myself to be called a Kobe Bryant fan due to my allegiance to the Boston Celtics, however Kobe’s work ethic and competitive determination are undeniable to anyone that knows the game of basketball at any level. It’s clear from this video that Kobe has spent countless hours in the gym meticulously emulating The Great One’s moves…plus the music is pretty epic…

"Apparently" This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview

“Apparently” this 5-year-old kid is a legend… Newswatch 16’s Sofia Ojeda interviewed little Noah Ritter at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania last week, and the minute and a half long clip has been viewed over 8 million times in the last 4 days. People are sharing this video like crazy across all major social networks, most likely due to Noah’s composure, his confidence, his borderline excessive use of the word “apparently,” and his uncanny competency with eye contact for a child his age. Noah has become such an Internet sensation that he was even invited to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America for a follow up interview, where he informed the world that he is “so over using the word ‘apparently,’” and that his new favorite word to use is “seriously.”

“Panda Friend”

panda2 resized 600

“Apparently” lots of content from the world of professional basketball trended on social media this week. On Thursday morning the legendary (…or should I say infamous?) ex-NBA player formally known as Ron Artest, now known as Metta World Peace, announced that he would be changing his name to Panda Friend in order to coincide with his plans to play in the Chinese Basketball Association this upcoming season.

panda1 resized 600

This isn’t Artest's/World Peace's/Panda Friend’s first time in the media for reasons other than his athletic abilities. In 2004 he was one of the main participants in a brawl between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons, which resulted in a 55 game suspension, the harshest punishment that the NBA has ever instated. When he legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011, the story was everywhere and lots of people were questioning his sanity. This name change is no different, as reflected by the mass amounts of Twitter activity surrounding “Panda Friend.”

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